Japan Venture Fund
Japan Venture Fund

Japan Venture Fund LLC

With 17 Billion Euro under management, Japan Venture Fund strives to seek out long term risk managed investments and projects for its investors. 


A leader in International Investment Returns for the Last decade, JVF is the natural choice for institutional investment potential and portfolio managment.


JVF is closed to new investors as of January 2017 and will launch JFV II in late third quarter 2017. 


Investment will continue under both fund structures with the latter focused on EMF Opportunities, Infrastructure and Energy Markets.

Find out more about our JVF advantages  and how we will work to find the best possible solution for your Bank or Institution, or if you are submitting a project or program proposal we will respond in due course.


For Banks and Institutions Learn more about our professional services, Our skilled and experienced staff will be happy to advise you. the best portfolio management options. 


Minimum Portfolio Investment Management Accounts $500 Million Euro and Minimum project financing or investment opportunities is $10 Million Euro.


New Aviation Finance Division for Apprpved Existing Clients Only. ( $5 - $500M USD)